Modelling and visualizing 3D objects in virtual reality format - VR-modelling
VR modelling
This is an innovation in the field of architectural and interior 3D-visualization! This technology makes it possible to view any 3D objects in virtual reality glasses with the full immersion effect.
Commercial objects visualization
Residential complexes visualization
Industrial objects visualization
Creation of panoramic views of future objects
Creation of virtual tours

Interior visualization with the full immersion effect
Converting the ready-made 3D models into VR format
3D modeling of the apartment layout and interior decoration

VR simulation makes it possible to see the project graphically and correct all the possible errors made at the stage of designing, and thus help not only to avoid unnecessary costs during the construction phase, but also save time.
Visualization in virtual reality format is much more demonstrative than drafts and static images. This technology will make it possible for your customers to know more about the offer, they will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual environment, walk through the halls and rooms, and examine the elements of the interior and exterior in details.
We are able to recreate a virtual copy of any 3D-object with a simulation of a real-world physical laws, where you can move around the territory and interact with the object in the interactive mode, for example, choose the layout or materials for decoration. It can be a housing estate under construction, a luxury housing development, or an apartment interior.
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