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Augmented reality - a new key to the hearts of consumers!
"VRBook" - augmented reality studio offers development and implementation of unique technologies that display 3D models of different objects with the help of augmented reality technology.

Our technologies increase popularity of your brand. Every your product can get consumers even more interested. We develop mobile apps and solutions with augmented and virtual reality technologies for mobile platforms (iOS, Android). Usage of AR and VR technologies gives an amazing outburst of positive emotions and draws everyone's attention! Our mission is to help you implement AR and VR technologies in everyday life, fully use the capabilities for customer acquisition in modern world that will radically change the world perception, sales processes, education, promotional events and entertainment.

What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality is an innovative technology that combines virtual objects with reality in space. Images of 2D or 3D models can now "come alive". This technology can easily be used: with the help of your camera of mobile phone, PC or tablet images are combined with real video image and background sound. This technology uses markers - objects that can be replaced with any virtual model using software. Illustration, photo, logo, QR-code, product package and even human body can play the role of such marker.
Advantage of AR usage in marketing
Due to AR, marketing campaign is not only a call for an action with a nice cover - it is an action itself because we endue classic and familiar information carriers with properties peculiar to digital content. Augmented reality increases value and utility of advertising media, brings brands and consumers together, opens new communication tools and opportunities for creativity.
How to prepare the target audience for AR?
  1. Everything should be abundantly clear for the user, and what is not clear makes intuitive sense.

  2. Motivation to use - product must be materially or emotionally beneficial: due to, content, design, interactive or additional material incentives.

  3. Special attention must be paid to the information carriers (markers) and media support of marketing campaign in the format of augmented reality.

How to organize AR marketing activities in your company?
Choose advertising media and communication model for audience - all the rest will be done by design and augmented reality.
Steps of project implementation
Our cases:
Virtual teacher Danik
Books and apps
OBJECT: make a highly intellectual product in the niche of educational books for children with augmented reality technology.

Functionality and usability: app is very easy to use, you choose a book from the series, enter a code and press "start", point a camera on a marker. Then virtual teacher Danik will tell you the details of every task and will guide the child through the book. He will help to find ways around and finish all the tasks. There are characters in the game that "come alive" being exactly the same they were coloured on paper. An interesting thing - "colour recognition" You can colour the pictures, then point your tablet device and colour will be recognized and displayed on the tablet! Kid can get creative and colour a character, car or any other object the way he wants! Also you can not only watch but cooperate with the characters, play virtual games.

Target audience: kids from 3 y.o., their parents.

Technical support: we took care of our application so it would work properly on a maximum number of platforms and devices. We've made a major effort of optimizing the content of the application.

Duration of development: 3 months

Number of finished educational books: 7 books; each is translated into russian, ukrainian, english, german, polish, spanish, french, kazakh, turkish.

Helpful assistant for juices for kids
Helpful assistant for juices for kids


OBJECT: make a marketing application for juices for kids. Application should motivate the consumer to repurchase the product. Application should work on low-end devices.

Functionality and usability:

  1. Creation of entertainment pieces with the virtual character.

  2. Creation of awareness for the consumer about product range (juice flavors)

Target audience: kids from 3 y.o., their parents.

Duration of development: 1,5 months

Virtual English teacher


Application and book
OBJECT: In November 2016 exhibition "Interagro-2016" was held. During the exhibition a task was set by the customer - demonstrate the potential of equipment in style with the use of unique technologies: there was and interactive 3D presentation with augmented reality available at the customer's booth.

Target audience: visitors of exhibition, potential investors, mass media.

Functionality and usability:

an interesting mobile application was created for this task: visitors could point the tablet available at the booth on a table that had a scheme of elevator unit and could see objects "coming alive" in real time. Every object could be closely viewed, rotated and zoomed. Easy-to-use controls did not confuse anyone of the visitors. The application had an option to view important parts of elevator unit in detail.

In multitouch mode you could move around the objects, examine them from different angles, zoom them in - get all the needed information. Everything was transmitted from the tablet to the video mount

During several day visitors could have a look at the presentation and control it with a standard tablet device. The team carried out technical support during whole term.

Not only controls but the table proved to be very convenient - many partnership agreements were made on it.

Duration of development: 1 month

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