VR BOOK – augmented reality units
VR BOOK modules are embedded into country applications:
3 years of company development:
Book and 3D colouring books development
Launch of first generation of virtual teacher
Virtual reality modules development
VR BOOK powered by Vuforia

Development of application products with augmented reality in machinery, agriculture enterprises, creation of publishing companies' advertising.
Development of 2nd and 3rd generations of virtual teacher, launch of our own product "Live cards"

Development of our own augmented reality platform
Turkish education market entry
Over 100 000 downloads of application with VR BOOK modules
VR visualizer of 3D objects.
Implementation of "Virtual classroom" project

Augmented reality of your ideas
Competitive advantage is made not because we walk the path made by others but because we have made the path!
Aspects of 3D image animation on tablets or smartphones
Examples of VR BOOK modules use in advertising:
Examples of VR BOOK modules use in child toys:
Examples of VR BOOK modules use in workbooks:
"Virtual classroom" project:
"Virtual classroom" is a platform for creation of VR classes with VR BOOK modules.
Compatibility with Google Expeditions, Google for Education

Now every user can create educational classes in virtual world.
Illustrate knowledge!

Examples of "Virtual classroom" platform use in preschool facilities:
Examples of "Virtual classroom" platform use:
Google Cardboard
You will need to view "Virtual Classroom" content
One day of a life of VR BOOK
Contact us and we will come up with an idea of how to incorporate augmented reality technologies into your business or education!

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